Camping Umbria: Trasimeno is better!

There are many camping Umbria, but undoubtedly those located on the shores of Lake Trasimeno remain the most sought after.

In fact, the charm of Lake Trasimeno attracts many tourists who want to visit Umbria and Tuscany find in this “water mirror” the ideal place to stay and spend their vacation.

Camping Village Badiaccia enjoys a strategic position because despite being included among the campsites in Umbria, in reality, it is perfectly located on the border between Umbria and Tuscany and the many tourists who arrive appreciate the proximity to both territories.

Among other things, also to the road connections are facilitated by the presence at about 1 km of the 4-lane highway called Perugia-Bettolle that easily allows you to reach Siena, Arezzo, Perugia and Assisi.

The first and important consideration, however, lies on the fact that both Umbria, a land blessed by saints and a lush yet authentic nature, that Tuscany, with its hills, historic villages, its wine, is an important tourist destination sought by many who take advantage of it to get out of the chaos of everyday life.

This is a place much loved by those who are equipped for a life completely outdoors: owners of caravans, campers, tents, or those who simply want to spend a holiday surrounded by greenery find in campsites in Umbria a pleasant destination and , often, at low cost.

Camping Umbria Camping Umbria Camping Umbria Camping Umbria

Camping Umbria: the 100 sunsets of Lake Trasimeno

At any time of the year there is a natural spectacle that Lake Trasimeno offers: its sunsets, unique, unforgettable and full of colors.

They are one of the natural attractions most photographed by the “terraces” present along its perimeter, just because they give that sense of peace and harmony of our mother nature to the point where they think that time is stopping at that moment.

If you then have the opportunity to experience this experience directly on the lakefront, maybe lying in a comfortable bed then everything becomes even more “romantic”

Camping Umbria Camping Umbria Camping Umbria

Camping Umbria: good lifestyle

Another reason why a camping Umbria is an ideal solution is the fact that there is a tradition of hospitality that has lasted for many years and that allows tourists to feel guided in a complete path of relaxation, fun, nature and good food.

Moreover, the lifestyle present at Lake Trasimeno privileges healthy and good living compared to frenzy or excess: traditions are handed down from father to son and are highly respected and considered. There are many historical re-enactments and events or festivals that witness to it during the whole year.

A holiday at Camping Village Badiaccia allows visitors a unique experience of knowledge of the area and relaxation along the shores of Lake Trasimeno

Camping Umbria

Camping UmbriaCamping UmbriaCamping UmbriaCamping UmbriaCamping UmbriaCamping UmbriaCamping UmbriaCamping Umbria