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How do I reach the Camping Village?
Please see the specific web page for further information.

Do I have to reach Castiglione del Lago?
No, you don’t. Our camping village is directly on the shores of the lake and it is about 7 km far from Castiglione del Lago. The name of the place is Badiaccia and the nearest village is Borghetto, a small hamlet in the Municipality of Tuoro sul Trasimeno.

How far is it from the lake?
Badiaccia Camping Village is directly on the shores of the Lake Trasimeno.

How and where can I use the wifi? Do I have to pay for it?
You can use free wifi in the area of the bar, restaurant and on the square Piazzetta del Lago. This service is for those who want to download their emails and surf the net. The service provider could not guarantee a stable connection, therefore it is not suitable for a professional use. It is not allowed to download music and videos or to watch videos on streaming that could slown down the internet connection. The maximum number of users per wifi line is 15. The Management reserves the right to deny access to the internet to those who misuse it or bother other guests. Badiaccia Camping Village has a double connection with two different providers that guarantee the best broadband service available in this area, which is not provided with optical fiber or ADSL systems. Considering that the service is free of charge, please use it rationally and respectfully towards other guests. Our staff do not provide any technical assistance for the configuration of your devices.

I don’t have my own laptop here. Is there any Internet Point?
Yes, there is. You can find an Internet Point near the reception (it is not for free).

Is any entertaining activity organized during the day? And at night?
In high season, our Camping Village offers you day and night a full programme of entertaining activities with sport tournaments or evening events, such as musicals, concerts, dances and piano bar.

Can I buy essentials inside the campsite?
Inside the campsite, behind the swimming pools, there is a mini-market that offers a wide range of food and drink and many local products. It is also provided with a selection of camping products (chairs, tables, gas cookers, tents, mattresses, gas bottles, electric sockets and cables, and so on).

Do you have washing machines and dryers?
Yes, we have. In each block of toilets, you can find washing machines and dryers. To use them, you need to insert coins.

Do I have to pay to use swimming pools and sport equipment?
No, you don’t. Sport facilities and equipment inside the Camping Village are free of charge. Only to enter the fitness room, there is a reasonable fee to pay.

Is it mandatory to wear swim caps in the pools?
Yes, it is.

Is there any ATM in the campsite?
No, there isn’t. In Terontola (4 km), you can find two ATMs. You can find many other ATMs in Castiglione del Lago (7 km).

Are dogs allowed in the campsite? And other pets?
Yes, they are. There are only some restrictions in certain areas (beach, swimming pools and so on).

Can I use my hair-dryer and electric grills on the pitch?
No, you can’t. The power supply does not allow the use of such devices. However, it is possible to use your hair-dryer inside the blocks of toilets.

Can I receive visits during my stay?
Yes, you can. Daily visitors are allowed in the campsite and you must wait for their arrival at the reception. Moreover, they must show their identity document at the reception. In case they stay more than half an hour, they have to pay a daily entrance as referred to in the rules and regulations.

Where can I park the car?
You can park your car in the specific parking places. In certain periods and areas, exceptions are possible.


Are there fixed days to arrive at the campsite?
No, there aren’t. You can come at any days upon availability.

What time should I leave the pitch?
Pitches must be vacated by 12 o’clock on day of departure.

Are there any special offers or discounts on camping?
Yes, there are. We offer several discounts and benefits.

How can I book my stay at campsite?
You can contact us to request the availability by e-mail and fax or phone but the fastest and most convenient way is through our online Booking System.

When do I pay the balance of my camping holiday?
Payments must be made the day before your departure during the cash opening hours, from 9.00 am to 12.00 am and from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Is it possible to pay by credit card?
Yes, it is. It is possible to pay by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Bancomat.

Is it possible to pay by check?
No, it isn’t. We do not accept any checks.

Is it possible to make a reservation for a specific pitch?
We accept your preferences on specific pitches and we will do our best to guarantee the number desired. However, the pitch number is not binding and can be changed at any time due to force majeure (maintenance work) or other problems.

What time can I arrive at the campsite to get a pitch?
It is possible to choose a pitch during the opening times of the reception (from 9.00 am to 8 pm in high season). However, even if you arrive later than 8 pm, you can enter the campsite until midnight and you will be given a temporary pitch by the watchman. The following morning, you will have to go to reception for the final assignment.

Are all the pitches the same size?
No, they aren’t. There are different sizes, therefore, it is necessary to indicate the size of your tent/caravan/camper, so that you can get a pitch that best suits your needs. The size of the pitch do not include the parking place for your car.

Are all the pitches shady?
The campsite is located in a wooded area with several kinds of trees. All the pitches are more or less shady, depending on their position and time.

Is it possible to pitch an extra tent on spot?
Yes, it is. Each guest can pitch one or more tents on their pitch without additional costs.

Can I barbeque on the pitch?
It is possible to barbeque on the pitch, but only if you use specific equipment. However, it is forbidden to light fires on the ground.

Are the pitches provided with electricity?
All the pitches are provided with electrical supply (4 ampères) with a maximum distance of 25 metres. The use of electricity is included in the price.

What kind of electric socket do I need to use electricity?
The campsite is provided with outdoor sockets in compliance with the EC regulations. The socket that you have to use in order to plug into is the blue industrial one (see sample picture).

Showers and washbasins are all provided with warm water?
Yes, they are.

Are there any chemical toilets in the campsite?
Yes, there are chemical toilets near each block of toilets.

Is it possible to rent a fridge?
Yes, it is. Our campsite has a limited number of refrigerators available. It is possible to reserve them or to rent them until stocks are exhausted. For information about prices and availability, please ask at the reception.

Is it possible to freeze cooling elements?
Yes, it is. You can do it in our shop.


Are there fixed days to arrive at the village?
In high season, it is possible to arrive on Wednesday and Saturday. In low season, it is possible to arrive on any day.

What time can I enter the accommodation?
All the accommodation solutions will be ready by 4 pm on the day of arrival.

What time do I have to vacate the accommodation on the day of departure?
The accommodation solutions must be vacated by 10 am on the day of departure.

When do I have to pay the balance?
The balance for the period reserved must be paid on the day of arrival during the cash opening times (9 am – 6.30 pm).

If I postpone my arrival or leave earlier, will I be refunded for the amount paid?
No, you won’t. The period reserved will not be refunded if you do not respect the period reserved.

Are there any discounts available in the Village?
No, there aren’t. The prices of the accommodation solutions are very low, therefore, we do not apply any discounts. However, in some periods, last-minute and special offers are available. Please see the specific web page for further information.

How can I make a reservation for an accommodation solution?
You can contact us to ask for availability by email, fax and phone number. However, the easiest way is through our online booking system.

Are the accommodation solutions provided with air conditioning system?
Mobilhome, Chalet, Mobilhome Luxe and Super Comfort are provided with air conditioning system. It is an additional cost.

Is electricity, water and gas consumption included in the price?
Yes, it is. The price includes electricity, water and gas consumption, VAT and final cleaning.

Are sheets and towels provided in the accommodation?
Guests will have to bring their own sheets and towels, since they are not provided in the accommodation. However, it is possible to rent them at the reception: double sheet 8 €, single sheets 6 €, set of towels 5 € per person.

Is the final cleaning included in the price?
Yes, the final cleaning is free of charge.

What kind of equipment are the accommodation solutions provided with?
Our accommodation solutions are provided with dishes, flatware and kitchenware. Furthermore, they are provided with a deck chair and a drying rack.

Is it possible to rent any baby kit or microwave?
Yes, it is. It is possible to rent a complete baby kit (€ 3,00 per day; it consists of high chair, baby bath and playpen) or just one of the above-mentioned items. Upon request, it is also possible to rent a microwave.