Holidays in Umbria: between trend and tradition

Holidays in UmbriaHolidays in Umbria

Holidays in Umbria holidays in umbria

Holidays in Umbria: in harmony with the environment

Spending a relaxing time, visiting small villages of medieval origin, admiring the beauty of a territory completely immersed in the green … are some of the reasons why many people choose to spend holidays in Umbria.

For many tourists, taking holidays in Umbria means enjoying the best that nature and the landscape can offer: hills and valleys intersect between medieval villages and expanses of cultivated land, vineyards and olive groves always surround and characterize the life agricultural sector of this region.

But without forgetting the naturalistic beauties of Lake Trasimeno, the Marmore Waterfalls, the Parks of Valnerina and Monte Cucco.

The history of this region also allows anyone who wants to spend their holidays in Umbria, to see churches, abbeys, monuments, palaces or other buildings that date back to different times: from the remains of Roman civilization, to the Etruscan buildings, to the influence of various rulers in the medieval period

Holidays in Umbria

Holidays in umbria

Holidays in Umbria: why choose Lake Trasimeno

Anyone wishing to spend their holidays in Umbria also indulging in a bit of relaxation undoubtedly Lake Trasimeno can be one of the best destinations: beaches to relax, lake water always more beautiful and suitable for cooling off, walking or cycling, events and local events.

Moreover, due to its position between Umbria and Tuscany, Lake Trasimeno becomes a central point for visiting important towns such as Assisi, Perugia, Montepulciano, Siena, Arezzo and Cortona.

The Camping Village Badiaccia also, being equipped with different types of accommodation (pitches for campers, mobile homes, cottages and chalets), suitable for every need and with services that allow a pleasant stay, can be the starting point to spend their holidays in Umbria

Without forgetting that Umbria is also a territory proud of its culinary tradition: a delicious cuisine, particularly suitable for meat lovers, famous for its pork and for its salami.

Without forgetting the dressing with olive oil (true !!!) and the addition of excellent red wine.

Holidays in Umbria: land of saints, art and millennial traditions

Spending holidays in Umbria also means “choosing” a land of saints: St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi, St. Rita of Cascia, St. Benedict of Norcia are the illustrious saints who were born and raised in this area, have left strong testimonies of their presence and their ideas.

Along the entire Umbrian Apennine ridge there are findings of the passage of these saints, often in places completely immersed in nature.

The pilgrimage in Umbria is in fact one of the main activities that tour operators offer tourists: enchanted places, where it seems that time has stopped several centuries ago

holidays in umbria holidays in Umbria holidays in Umbria Holidays in Umbria Holidays in Umbria