Activities in the surroundings

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Mountain Bike

For all the people who love riding a bike, Lake Trasimeno with its flat territory and its roads with little traffic, represents the ideal destination for an enjoyable and relaxing holiday very close to nature. One of the great adventures for the body, senses, and emotions, which can be experienced around the lake throughout the year, with the changing colours and moods of the season, is biking along the great bike path around the lake. Riding through this area is a fantastic experience, you will admire  the beauty of the countryside and the picturesque stretches of the shore land, consisting of bike paths for long stretches and partly of regular roads.

Between Castiglione del Lago and Tuoro sul Trasimeno you will cross an area of high natural and environmental interest. You’ll pass then through Borghetto, towards Tuoro sul Trasimeno, alternating the lovely cycling path with short stretches on a regular road that will take you through the villages. From Passignano to Torricella, time goes by so fast  and almost without realizing it that you’ll find yourself  near Magione, in a beautiful area between the lake and low hills covered with olive trees and dotted with old farmhouses. You will reach then Monte del Lago and shortly afterwards Castello di Zocco, where you will take  the main street. From San Feliciano, an old fishing village, you will reach “Oasi della Valle”, a nature centre run by the Italian environmental conservation association “Legambiente” where it is possible to observe the lake ecosystem in its numerous aspects. Going along the panoramic trunk road, you will  go through the village of Sant’Arcangelo. Then you can  decide whether to head on directly to Castiglione del Lago or to take a longer route that passes  through Casalini, Macchie and Sanfatucchio, little farming villages built on small hilltops.

For further information about mountain bike trails around Lake Trasimeno you can visit the website Sirio Blue Vision or


Trekking in Umbria

For all the people who love walking during their holiday, we suggest at a short distance from the camping to walk through the places where the Trasimeno’s Battle between Hannibal and Romans took place. You can either walk or go  by bicycle, or partly by car  if you wish to reach the places, where the Battle  took place on 24th June 217 BC between the Roman army led by Flaminio and the Carthaginian army led by Hannibal. The main hypothesis places the event between Monte Gualandro and Montigeto, to be more precise on the basin of Tuoro sul Trasimeno. Several researchers have tried to reconstruct the map numbering each place where the Battle took place.

Total distance 18 Km:

  • Tour n°1: departure on foot or by bike from the camping and return from Tuoro: DIFFICULT (18 Km)
  • Tour n°2: departure from the camping by car, continuing on foot starting from the point 2 of the Hannibal way. MEDIUM (8 km on foot)
  • Tour n°3: departure from the camping by car, continuing on foot starting from the point 6 of the Hannibal way. EASY (4 km on foot)
    For more information and details please check the itinerary page on the website.


Shopping in Tuscany

For all shopping lovers, our camping offers a small but well-equipped supermarket to meet everyone’s needs. Just a short distance from the camping, you can find different kind of shops: Outlet Valdichiana Village: fashion, clothes shops, furnishings; Goldsmith’s shop in Arezzo; Lidl Discount, Famila and Coop Supermarket in Castiglione del Lago; E7 Caravan (specific materials and accessories for campsites) in Perugia.

The typical Umbrian cuisine is characterized by simple dishes and ingredients, all locally produced. The area of Trasimeno offers, in addition to the Umbrian dishes, a selection of antique dishes based on fish from the Lake. Nothing better than our restaurant to try the typical local dishes and recipes of Lake Trasimeno.

Here are some examples:


Tegamaccio, cucina tipica umbra.

Ingredients: Brown onion, parsley, oil, pepper, tomatoes, chilli pepper and lake fish (perch, tench, eel).

Preparation: Separately in a basin bowl  prepare about 1 Kg of tinned peeled Tomatoes. When the onion is half cooked, put the fish and tomato prepared before, add some white wine and water. Cook slowly, moving horizontally the pan, don’t touch the fish with fork.

Regina in porchetta

Badiaccia Camping Village

Ingredients: a carp, 150 g of bacon, 1 clove of garlic, wild fennel, salt and pepper, rosemary, olive oil, lemon.

Preparation: The “Queen” is the typical carp of Trasimeno Lake. Chop the garlic and mix it  with lard, fennel, salt and pepper. Then put the mixture inside the carp’s stomach. Season the fish with rosemary. Cook the fish on a spit or bake it, adding lemon and olive oil. Serve it when the fish has a nice brown colour.